On the road, Nepal / India border.

Kowani was born in 2011 from Sindy and Fred’s desire to share their travels and photography, the family has grown and we make sure to pass on our passion to the kids.
In this fast-moving and impersonal digital era, we like to focus on what really matters, through our journeys we try to reconnect with the essential.
Together, we catch and share images that tell stories of the world, come travel with us!

A backpacking trip at the age of 21 to Mexico sparked my love for photography. I left to see the archeological sites and meet the people of Mexico. I quickly realized that thanks to a small pocket camera, an innate curiosity and appetite for getting off the beaten track, I was able to share the intense moments of my travel adventures with friends and family. Today, I have traveled half the world, taken photography courses and explored the endless possibilities of telling stories through pictures. In addition to travel photography, I specialize in capturing the live music scene and am involved in diverse projects such as Kowani. I do not cease to sharpen my skills in constant search for creativity and truth. Staying close to people, while moving from one place to the next. The possibilities are infinite, the adventure continues.

Born in 71, I grabbed my first camera at 14 and short after that I received a black and white photo lab. Ever since then, the magic has lived on. From 89 to 91, Washington DC was my home and photography playground, resulting in a clear career choice. Back in Belgium I passed my photography degree and had the opportunity to work and learn with two great photographers: Emile Speltdoorn (Art) and Phillip McCordall (Advertising). Both taught me the art of the lab and the studio, all the little technical tricks and how to make it into a business.
In 1993, I set up as a freelance photographer.
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